MP Joyce Murray speaks in the House of Commons about protecting children from physical punishment

Ms. Joyce Murray (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I rise in the house today to draw attention to a serious issue that has affected the lives of far too many Canadians, the physical punishment of children.

This hurtful practice effects the cognitive, emotional and physical development of kids and can result in lifelong repercussions.

Shockingly, section 43 of the Canadian Criminal Code still permits this cruel form of punishment; an archaic flaw in our legal system to say the least. Meanwhile, over 40 countries around the world have banned the physical abuse of children.

Federal civil servant, Corinne Robertshaw, became concerned about reports of child injuries and deaths caused by parents and caregivers, and dedicated her life to repealing section 43.

An advocacy group called Corinne’s Quest was started in her name. I want to thank Vancouver Quadra constituents Barbara Claridge and steering committee chair Kathy Lynn for their work on this important cause.

I invite all parliamentarians to work together towards ending the physical punishment of children on behalf of the health and well-being of Canadian children today and future generations.