Corinne Robertshaw had a dream.

Corinne RobertshawShe wanted to end all physical punishment of Canada’s children.

In the 1970s, while she was working as a lawyer for the federal government, she became concerned about reports of child injuries and deaths caused by parents and caregivers. The cause was physical punishment of children and she determined to end this practice.

After her retirement in 1990, she dedicated her life to the cause.

She was determined to see the repeal of Section 43 of the Criminal Code that permits physical punishment of children in Canada.

She died on January 23, 2013 without seeing her dream realized.

It is our goal to pursue this dream on her behalf and on behalf of Canada’s children.

As of March 2015,  there are over 40 countries that have banned physical punishment of children. Canada should be one of them but our government has so far refused to do so!

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Thank You  

Corinne’s Quest wishes to thank all the benefactors who have made our work possible.

The McGrane-Pearson Endowment Fund held at the Vancouver Foundation

Susan Prior, Federation of Post-Secondary Educators and MoveUP for financial support.


NOW Communications, NewsWireBC, United Way for valuable in-kind services.

VanCity Community Foundation for their support.