The one gift every child wants  that Santa cannot give

This little boy wants Santa to bring him the same gift every other child in Canada wants for Christmas. They want to grow up without fear of being hit.

For any reason. By anyone.  Ever.

Regrettably, Santa can’t give him that gift. You see, Canada has a law on the books which not only permits children to be hit, assaulted, slapped, smacked. And that same law also offers a defence to people who do the hitting.

It’s called Section 43 of the Criminal Code.

Over the years Canada had a long list of who could be legally hit.  Slaves. Servants. Prisoners, seamen and apprentices. Wives, dogs and children.

Today, children are the only ones left on that list.

Those who want to continue to hit children believe it teaches them right from wrong, and does no harm.  Wrong on both counts.

We now know from the research that spanking children can cause increases in aggressive behaviour, and is now associated with increases in mental health problems into adulthood. It is also ineffective as a means of discipline.

Modern-day parents understand that true child discipline teaches children right from wrong from an early age. It instils in them a respect for the rights of others, the laws of our land, and the proper way to conduct one’s self in public. That includes how to deal non-violently and effectively with conflict in their daily lives.

Santa can do nothing to give Canada’s youngest citizens the safe, secure and violence-free path through life they all seek. The only ones who can do that are our 338 Members of Parliament and their leaders, who make the laws.

They can do it by repealing Section 43 of the Criminal Code.  It really is that easy.

Corinne’s Quest is an organization formed specifically to seek repeal of Section 43. We won’t rest until it’s gone

Merry Christmas, children.